If you’re considering abortion or if you’ve already had an abortion, you may be curious about the impact termination can have on your future fertility.

While it’s not common for abortion to have an impact on your future pregnancies, there is a chance that it could affect your ability to get pregnant or the health of future pregnancies.

Continue reading to learn more about how abortion can impact fertility and the potential pregnancy complications that may arise.

How Does An Abortion Work?

Medical abortion, also known as “the abortion pill,” consists of two drugs – mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone acts by blocking progesterone and thinning the lining of the uterus, causing the pregnancy to detach from the uterine lining. Misoprostol creates uterine contractions, which lead to the expulsion of the pregnancy through the vagina.

A surgical abortion is a procedure performed by a doctor to terminate a pregnancy. The doctor accesses the uterus by dilating the cervix using medication or a surgical instrument and then scrapes or suctions the pregnancy and other tissues from the uterus.

The Impact of Abortion on Future Pregnancies

Studies have shown that surgical abortion may slightly increase the risk of infertility and complications in future pregnancies.

In rare cases, surgical abortion can lead to the development of Asherman’s syndrome, which is a build-up of scar tissue within the uterus following the procedure. Asherman’s syndrome can make it difficult to conceive or for your body to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

You may be at greater risk for developing scar tissue if you have had multiple surgical abortions.

Other pregnancy complications associated with a history of surgical abortion include:

  • Preterm delivery
  • Low birth weight
  • Cervical insufficiency (damage to the cervix)
  • Placental retention (difficulty delivering the placenta)
  • Heavy postpartum bleeding

While a history of medical abortion hasn’t been found to impact future pregnancies, complications from a medical abortion, such as an incomplete abortion, could lead to risks for future pregnancies.

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