You—and your story—matter to us. You deserve a space where you won’t find judgment. At Choices, we’re ready to help.

Are you struggling with the pain of a past abortion? Are you someone who has been impacted by abortion but is unsure where to start?

Choices provides a safe, confidential environment to process your feelings, receive support, and find community. No matter where you are in your after-abortion journey, we are here for you.

Our Offerings

support Groups

We offer one-on-one and group meetings. Whether you have personally had an abortion, your partner has had one, or a friend or loved one has had an abortion and this event impacted you, we’re here for you.

Our sessions are led by trained facilitators and offered in person and over Zoom. Our staff has been in your shoes and offers ongoing support as you navigate this complex journey.

During our sessions, you’re given the opportunity to speak freely and will always find compassion.

Medical Support

Have non-emergency medical questions? We’re here to help. Our nurse is available to answer your questions and address concerns.

After-Abortion Medical follow-Ups

Choices offers no-cost after-abortion medical follow-ups. We care about your physical well-being, too. You have a safe place to begin your physical and emotional healing journey. Contact us to make an appointment.

Support Before Abortion

Are you facing an unexpected pregnancy and have questions? Choices provides no-cost, confidential information. No judgment, no shame—real answers, real support. We are here to support you and your decision, not profit from it.

Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) Information

We know an unexpected pregnancy can be scary, and some women make a decision to abort when they are terrified and stressed. If you have taken the first dose of the abortion pill and regret your decision, it may not be too late to reverse your abortion.

Contact the Abortion Pill Reversal Network immediately at 877-558-0333.

Other Resources

More resources exist to help you after an abortion than you may know. Support After Abortion, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, collaborates with over 800 agencies to provide you with comprehensive after-abortion care.

You can find no-cost support services on their website and get started today.

Connect With Us

Connect with Choices today to make a no-cost, confidential appointment and begin your healing journey.