Abortion is a serious medical procedure that has the potential to cause unwanted health effects. 

If you’re considering an abortion or have already had an abortion, understanding the signs of infection is vital for the protection of your health. 

Signs of Infection

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following signs of infection after having an abortion:

  • Heavy bleeding (soaking two or more pads an hour for two hours)
  • Severe abdominal or back pain
  • Fever lasting more than 24 hours
  • Foul-smelling vaginal discharge

Incomplete Abortion and Infection

An incomplete abortion, one of the most common causes of an infection following an abortion,  occurs when a portion of the pregnancy tissue remains in the uterus after the abortion procedure. 

Signs of an incomplete abortion include moderate to severe vaginal bleeding, pelvic or abdominal pain.

Complications can include:

  • Hemorrhage
  • Sepsis – widespread infection throughout the body
  • Infertility

When an incomplete abortion is left untreated, it can be fatal. Do not delay seeking medical attention if you think you could be experiencing an incomplete abortion. 

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 

If you experience an infection following an abortion and do not seek treatment, you may develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). 

Scar tissue and abscesses can develop within the uterus, and as a result, the following complications can arise: 

  • Chronic pelvic pain, usually during sex or ovulation
  • Tubo-ovarian cyst, which is an abscess in the reproductive tract that can become life-threatening if left untreated
  • Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy not located in the uterus)—scarring from PID in the fallopian tubes might make it impossible for an embryo to reach the uterus, causing the embryo to implant in the tube and creating a life-threatening condition.
  • Infertility—damage caused by PID may make it difficult or impossible for women to conceive. This risk increases with repeated PID diagnoses and untreated PID.

Get More Information

Learning more about your pregnancy and options can help you make an informed decision that is best for your health.  

Choices Chattanooga can provide you with a no-cost pre-abortion screening and consultation that includes conclusive pregnancy testing, an ultrasound scan, and more.

You don’t have to navigate this alone. Sharing your concerns and asking our trusted medical team questions can help you decide with confidence. 

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